Gonzales’ Tamales

The mice are jealous because Speedy Gonzales is stealing all their girlfriends. They drop a brick on Sylvester with a note signed by Speedy. Speedy doesn’t mind being set up, and welcomes another chance to torment the cat. First, he pulls of Sylvester’s tail. Next, he steals the cheese Sylvester is luring him with. Sylvester aims a rifle in Speedy’s hole; Speedy comes out and disassembles it, leaving only the bullet. Sylvester mimes pulling the trigger, and the bullet blows up in his face. Next, Sylvester tries rolling a hand grenade into Speedy’s hole; naturally, Speedy returns it, and it blows up in Sylvester’s face. Finally, Sylvester tries a wind-up girl mouse; Speedy takes her and hides in a box of hot peppers, tricking Sylvester into eating them. Sylvester quenches his thirst with a nearby water cooler, but Speedy substitutes a bottle of Tabasco sauce.