Holiday for Drumsticks

The patriarch of a family of farming hill billies is fattening a turkey to slaughter for Thanksgiving Day dinner, and he is fattening the fowl by providing him with a veritable feast of roast beef, ham, fruits, vegetables, cakes, and pies. A jealous Daffy Duck, one of the turkey’s fellow farm animals, wants to have all the food for himself. So, Daffy pretends to care for the turkey’s welfare and warns the turkey off the food, and he urges the turkey to lose weight so that the hill billies won’t want to slaughter him. Daffy gorges himself on the food while acting as coach to the turkey, who is frantically and strenuously trying to reduce himself. When Thanksgiving comes, the turkey is toothpick-thin, and the hillbilly father turns his hungry sights on an overweight Daffy!