Little Beaux Pink

The Pink Panther had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow, and wherever the lamb went to graze, the panther had to go. The panther and his lamb cross a boundary into Cattle County, Texas, and when the lamb begins eating the grass of a hot-headed Texan rancher, the Pink Panther must defend himself and his lamb from the Texan’s wrath. The panther plants stakes and builds a fence around his lamb’s grazing territory, and the Texan, rapidly riding a horse, pounds the stakes – and the Pink Panther – almost entirely into the ground. Undaunted, the Pink Panther establishes his own ranch, and the Texan tries to flatten panther and lamb with a huge, rolling stone, which the Pink Panther guides through a barn so that it hits a tree branch which recoils it on top of the Texan. The Texan telegrams some hired gunslingers, asking them to eliminate someone who is pink, and when a bucket of the Pink Panther’s pink paint falls onto the Texan, rendering him pink, the gunslingers arrive and blast him with bullets.