Wild and Woolly Hare

The setting is 1889, somewhere in the Old West. The town of Canasta Flats lives in fear of Yosemite Sam, the fastest gun in the West. Sam soon enters one of the local saloons and loudly introduces himself. He is told to shut up by another saloon patron, Bugs Bunny. The two demonstrate their shooting skills to each other, before Bugs demands a gentleman’s duel between them. In the duel, both shooters cheat and then agree to fight dirty. Bugs seems to be getting the upper hand, when Sam calls off their fight. He has heard a train whistle, and he is more interested in train robbery than bar-fights. Sam uses his horse to chase the train, but Bugs takes over the train and prevents the robbery. Sam tries several times to catch up with the train, but runs into many obstacles and fails. Sam soon hijacks another train and threatens to collide with Bugs’ train. The two agree to a game of chicken, setting both trains on a collision course and waiting for one of them to withdraw. Neither fighter withdraws, and Sam prepares for a fatal collision. Bugs instead extends the legs of the train’s cars, allowing Sam’s train to pass harmlessly underneath Bugs’ train. Sam’s train reaches the end of the line, falls from a bridge and lands in a lake. Bugs sets his train on a course for St. Louis, Missouri and departs.