Bacall to Arms

The auditorium of a movie theater is crowded with animals in human clothes, eagerly waiting for the film to start. The show opens with a newsreel called Warmer News. It presents the implementation of war to peace time use. With the help of radar the father of a family can detect the approach of his mother-in-law, and hide the entire house before she arrives. During the newsreel a wolf in the auditorium falls asleep, but when the feature starts, he quickly awakens. The feature presents the two stars Bogey Gocart and Laurie Bee Cool in “To Have-To Have-To Have-To Have-To Have-To Have-To Have-To Have”. When Laurie in the film asks “Anybody have a light?”, the wolf in the audience gets randy. And when she continues: “You only have to whistle”, the wolf starts whistling loudly. Full of excitement he jumps on to the narrow stage in front of the movie. Bogey Gocart sees the wolf and shoots him through the screen.