Congo Jazz

Bosko is a frightened hunter moving stealthily through the jungle. When he notices that a tiger is stalking him, he turns his gun on the beast and shoots. But an impotent bullet falls harmlessly to the ground. Bosko tricks the tiger into singing and dancing with him. Then, when he gets the chance, he removes the tiger’s rear flap, exposing the big cat’s polka-dotted underpants, and kicks him off a cliff. Later, Bosko plays with a baby ape, who spits in his eye. Bosko removes its flap, exposing its bare bottom, and spanks it. The father ape enters, and he’s angry. Bosko gives him a stick of chewing gum. This placates him, especially when he and Bosko stretch the gum out of their mouths and pluck a tune. Soon all the animals in the jungle begin playing each other, their own body parts, or the trees, as if they were musical instruments. A coconut tree dances, slapping its rear and shaking its coconut-breasts until one falls off and hits Bosko on the head. Three hyenas laugh, and Bosko good-naturedly joins in.