Stooge for a Mouse

A hungry mouse decides to make one of its two obstacles to obtaining a block of cheese, by framing Sylvester the Cat. It starts stirring up trouble, after hearing Sylvester call the bulldog, Mike. Later on, the mouse uses a telephone and let the earpiece, by Mike’s ear. It says Sylvester only wants Mike, as “its pillow”. After hearing this, Mike, the Bulldog, wakes u and thinks it was only a dream. The mouse calls Mike again, this time, the mouse says other dogs are laughing at him, because he likes Sylvester, the Cat. After successfully turning two friendly buddies into enemies & both are knocked out cold, then, the mouse walks to the table, the block of cheese is on. As it is approximately half way to the table, the magnet the mouse used to hit Mike, the bulldog with (as an iron boxing glove) on a paw of Sylvester. Then, unexpectedly, the magnet pulls a chandelier off the ceiling & the chandelier hits the mouse so hard, that it fell down, undoubtedly knocked out along with Sylvester, the Cat and Mike, the Bulldog. Then a “HOME SWEET HOME” sign, falls off a wall, as all three are knocked out and appear lifeless, as this animation short cartoon concludes.